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Altuglas® HFI-10 Super Matt

Altuglas International, a subsidiary of Arkema group has recently developed Altuglas® HFI-10 Super Matt, a new grade of PMMA resin which offers unique light transmission and surface properties.

Altuglas® HFI-10 Super Matt perfectly meets the present market demands for extremely low gloss and distinctive surface texture while keeping the key properties of PMMA, like weathering and scratch resistance.

Altuglas® HFI-10 Super Matt presents an exceptional balance of properties:
The lowest gloss of any PMMA available on the market, good impact resistance and a unique matt finish when extruded, which is retained even after thermoforming. The material also has excellent scratch resistance, easy processing (rheology adapted to injection, extrusion and coextrusion) and a very pleasant soft touch.

Altuglas® HFI-10 Super Matt is the ideal candidate for the production of sheets, films, profiles or any other object and is already finding use in a variety of applications. It completes the existing Altuglas® HFI family; designed for superior flow and mould release properties for reduced cycle times. It is also available in grades resistant to sterilization by gamma radiation for medical.

Two recent success stories: the German company MITRAS Materials GmbH, specialized in coextrusion of styrenic-acrylic sheets for highly demanding applications, developed two new product ranges using Altuglas® HFI-10 Super Matt in the building industry for roof paneling and the automotive market for daytime running light covers.

Two applications with Altuglas® HFI 10 Super Matt resin:

Roof paneling (Photo Mitras)

Daytime running light covers - Hyundai. (Photo Mitras)

More about PMMA resins:
Widely known as “acrylic glass”, polymethyl metacrylate polymer in resin form has exceptional optical properties, even better than those of glass. These properties have made it the product of choice for those working in many sectors of industry, from automotive to building.

More about Altuglas International, subsidiary of ARKEMA Group:
Altuglas International, integrated world leader in PMMA, is highly involved in the technical plastics sector – from MMA monomer to PMMA acrylic glass.
Altuglas International develops and produces new products to suit the needs of its customers worlwide. It employs 1 300 wholly dedicated staff, who contribute daily to the three business sectors (MMA, PMMA resins and PMMA sheets).

Press contact:
Altuglas International
89 Boulevard National
T 33.1.78 66 23 21