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Produzent: Solvay
Polymer-Art PARA

The resin used in all IXEF® compounds is a semi-crystalline polymer; polyarylamide.

IXEF® polyarylamide (PARA or PAA) provides a unique combination of strength and aesthetics, making it ideal for complex parts that require both overall strength and a smooth, beautiful surface.

General info

PARA Ixef® compounds typically contain 50-60% glass fibre reinforcement, giving them remarkable strength and rigidity. What makes them unique is that even with high glass loadings, the smooth, resin-rich surface delivers a high-gloss, glass-free finish that’s ideal for painting, metallisation or producing a naturally reflective shell. In addition, Ixef® PARA is an extremely high-flow resin so it can readily fill walls as thin as 0.5 mm, even with glass loadings as high as 60%.

Although the properties can vary from grade to grade, the most striking characteristics of parts manufactured from IXEF® can be summarised as follows:

  • Very high rigidity; Tensile modulus up to 23 GPa at 20°C
  • Excellent resistance to mechanical stresses; Flexural strength can attain 400 MPa at 20°C
  • Easy processing, also for thin-walled sections; Good injectability and high productivity even with high fibre content
  • Low mould shrinkage, highly reproducible; Precision moulding, absence of sink marks and close dimensional tolerances can be achieved
  • Conception of miniaturised parts; Rigidity, injectability of complex, thin shapes
  • Excellent surface finish; Superb surface appearance for reinforced products, even with a high glass fibre content
  • Very low coefficient of linear thermal expansion; Value comparable to that of metals
  • High thermo-mechanical properties; Flexural modulus at 140°C up to 7 GPa
  • Very low creep; Deformation less than 1% after 1000 hours under 50 MPa at 50°C, for example, for certain compounds
  • Slow rate of water absorption; Like all polyamides, polyarylamide has a certain sensitivity to water. Even so, the semi-aromatic character of polyarylamide induces a lower and slower water absorption in IXEF® compounds than that found in items moulded in PA6 and PA66, which are more sensitive to humidity.

Typical IXEF® applications

With the excellent mechanical properties of IXEF® this polyarylamide can be seen in applications like:

Bicycle brakes, office chairs, shaver parts, sunroof trim, brake system components, clutch cylinders, door mirror bracket, exterior door handle, medical instruments (like tweezers, scissors) and food and water application (like water distributor block).


PARA IXEF® Portfolio

The semi-aromatic, semi-crystalline polyamide base resin is compounded with glass fibre, mineral and/or advanced fillers. Impact modified, flame retardant grades, gamma stabilised and custom colours are also available.

  • IXEF® 1022, a standard 50% glass reinforced grade
  • IXEF® 1521, a flame retardant compound with 50% glass reinforcement
  • IXEF® 1622, an impact modified grade with 50% glass fibre
  • IXEF® 2030, a 55% glass fibre / mineral filled compound
  • IXEF® 3006, a compound with 30% carbon fibres
  • IXEF® 5002, a self lubricating compound with 20% glass fibres and PTFE
  • IXEF® GS-1022, a 50% glass fibre compound, gamma stabilised for healthcare applications, available in different standard colours


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